About Our Venice, CA Realtor Membership Program

Venice, CA

Read all about our Venice, CA realtor membership program, and the benefits it offers.

The USHomePhoto Realtor Membership Program for Venice, CA real estate professionals is an  annual membership and remains in effect for a full year. Our membership program offers the best savings program of any of our competitors. A full, across-the-board discount on every single line-item including travel fees. These discounts even apply fully to special offers, and are in addition to pre-existing discounts.

All membership discounts are applied at checkout for instant savings!

Silver Membership
15% Discount


Our Silver series Membership program is a fantastic value for those Venice, CA Realtors who have a mix of listings ranging from mid-value to high-value homes where you need great quality photos all the time, and the Magazine Quality shoot for that occasional high-value listing. Also, included in this membership is free upload to MLS, 2 slideshow videos (branded & un-branded), and high-priority editing for every shoot.

Shoot Pricing With The SILVER Membership

Package Bronze
800 to 2400 SQFT
2500 to 3600 SQFT
3700 to 5000 SQFT
HDR Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
Express Flash
High-Grade MLS Standard Quality (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
PRO Flash
Magazine Quality Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
PRO Plus Flash (includes Drone & more)
Magazine Quality Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)
Elite Flash (includes Drone, Detail Shots & more)
Magazine Quality Photos (Delivered EOB Next Business Day)